Quality Fridge Magnets In Australia

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Published: 19th January 2011
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Custom fridge magnet is an advertising tool. It helps to promote your business products directly to family. It is the product where you can post you can post your company’s logo and promote your business. There are many advertising, marketing tool but promoting your business on fridge magnets, car magnets is very effective method. Fridge magnets can be used to hold bills, drawings or any message which can be last with your clients for years. If you want a magnet of exact size and shape, then Fridge Magnet Factory is the right place for you.

Promoting your business on fridge magnets, car magnets is the fantastic way to get your company maximum exposure in market.

At fridge magnet factory you can turn your photo, business logo, graphics, kids drawing into fridge magnet which will be of great help to promote your business and can be with your client in the form magnet on his refrigerator door or on car door or on the business card which will help you to promote your services for ages. We offer affordable printing services and we manufacture the highest quality full colour promotional magnets.

We also offer custom car magnet, patch magnets. Our professional graphic designer team offers logo design services, affordable custom logo design services. We also offer mailer cards, business cards, brochures, flyers, Letterheads, memo pads, Invoice books, envelopes, stickers and posters at affordable prices.

We also offer business card magnet, store credit card magnets, brand customized magnets, business card calendar magnet, direct mail campaign, printing services, database management, ch_client = "articlealley"; ch_width = 675; ch_height = 200; ch_sid = "Article Alley Articles North MPU"; ch_cid = "north"; ch_type = "mpu"; ch_hq = 1;

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, custom magnetic bumper stickers.

At Fridge Magnet Factory custom sized car magnets are also available which helps to increase your business awareness. With our address matching software which helps to barcode and ensure postage account. Ink jet address machine helps to print your client address on envelopes which helps to cut short your job of sticking labels.

We can print anything for you on your fridge magnet at affordable price. At the same time we offer graphic design service not only for fridge magnet but also for car door magnet, business card and self-adhesive magnet.

Patch magnets offers car magnets, automotive magnets, calendar magnets, mailer cards magnets, picture frame magnets, self-adhesive magnets, refrigerator magnets, magnet sheet suppliers, fridge magnet producers at affordable prices.

You can buy promotional car signs, digital magnets, customized car magnets, realtor car magnet, screen printed car magnet, removable magnetic car signs, custom car magnets from Australian car magnet, patch magnet and fridge magnet manufacturer

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